Tlicho Negotiate Their Own Claim

After the breakdown of the Dene-Metis negotiations, individual groups began negotiating for their own land claims agreements. In 1991, the Sahtu Dene and Metis began the negotiations process. Later, the Gwich’n also began negotiations for their own land claim.

And in 1991, at an Assembly in Rae, the Tlicho agreed and passed a resolution to begin negotiations for their own land claims agreement. Tlicho would be represented by the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council. A team of negotiators was picked, including Ted Blondin, Eddie Erasmus, James Wah Shee, and chief negotiator, John B. Zoe. Elder Alexis Arrowmaker was chosen as special advisor to the negotiating team.

In 1994, the negotiations for the Tlicho Agreement began.