Madeleine Zoe 1889 - 1993

Born Madeleine Ink’ayamo in the Behchokǫ̀ region on June 14, 1889.  On August 13, 1907, she married Benjamin Zoe, and had 11 children: Louis, Joseph, Veronique, Nicolas, Marie Adele, Sarah, Edward, Helen Margaret, Dora George, and Elizabeth. 
Madeline is remember for many reasons but in particular for being a hard working wife and mother. She did not know how to waste time. She was known to assist sick and dying people. She was a will know midwife. 
But most of all, she will be remembered for her strong faith and her wisdom.
To the last day of her life, she was teaching counselling advising, encouraging all the members of her large family. 



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