The Sliding Hill. A person slides down using spruce bough only and when you slide right to the bottom of the hill you live a long life. However, when you slide towards the side the trail, you will have short life.  

Yamǫǫ̀zha and the Wolverine

Yamǫǫ̀zha woke one morning at lhti kika near Yahiití and cut down a birch tree to make a bow. After working on his bow for some time, he began to walk south. Eventually he reached Hodoòdzoo, a place where people slid for good luck. Here he found that Nogha (wolverine) had placed sharpened stakes at the bottom of the slide to entrap people.

Yamǫǫ̀zha decided that he would make Hodoòdzoo safe for people to slide at again, so he quietly approached the stakes and carefully slid his caribou skin shirt over one of them. Twisting his nose until it bled, he covered the top of the stake with blood, and then pretended to be dead. Soon Nogha came by and took Yamǫǫ̀zha back to his camp. Yamǫǫ̀zha, through the use of his power, freed himself and killed Nogha, though letting the wolverine's family escape unharmed. In this way Yamǫǫ̀zha made Hodoòdzoo safe for people again.